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The Positive Effects of Motorcycling, According to Science  Cycle News

A study funded by Harley-Davidson found that motorcycling increased metrics of focus and attention, and decreased relative levels of cortisol.

BMW VP Says Motorcycling Must Be More Accessible  Cycle World Daily

BMW Motorrad USA VP Michael Peyton says every motorcycle manufacturer is targeting an elusive combination of performance, style, and approachability—all ...

William Dunlop posthumously inducted into Irish motorcycling's Hall of Fame  Belfast Newsletter

William Dunlop was posthumously inducted into Irish motorcycling's Hall of Fame on an emotional evening at the Cornmarket Motorbike Awards on Friday night.

Make 2019 A Great Year For Motorcycling  Cycle World Daily

A lifetime of riding motorcycles and conversations with friends and family has Nick Ienatsch giving us three thoughts as 2018 ends and 2019 begins: 1) Live for ...

Will Exhaust Emissions Limits Kill Motorcycling?  Cycle World Daily

Exhaust emissions standards have become steadily tougher but, as _Cycle World_ Technical Editor Kevin Cameron explains, motorcycle manufacturers are ...

Phillip McCallen hails depth of motorcycling talent at launch of NI Motorcycle Festival  Belfast Newsletter

Road racing legend Phillip McCallen saluted the depth of motorcycling talent from Northern Ireland at the launch of the Blackhorse NI Motorcycle Festival on ...

Uneasy Rider: Can Cycling Safety Wins Transfer to Motorcycling?  CityBike Magazine

I apologize if you clicked on the headline expecting a typical clickbait scenario, wherein the stated question leads to an article that doesn't even address the ...

Jonathan Rea crowned Irish Motorcyclist of the Year for record fourth time in a row  Belfast Newsletter

Jonathan Rea was crowned Cornmarket Irish Motorcyclist of the Year for a fourth consecutive time on Friday night in Belfast.

More on Cycling Safety & Motorcycling: Cycliq's Best of 2018 Video  CityBike Magazine

In late December, I shared some musings on recent developments in bicycling safety and how these efforts might transfer to motorcycling safety—primarily video ...

President's Letter

It does feel as though getting to the current version of Ultimate Motorcycling has indeed been a thousand-mile journey. And it was a great one!

Rising Timaru motorcycling star excited to be on home track  Timaru Herald

Timaru's Harry Parker goes into the second round of the New Zealand Superbike Championship as the fastest qualifier in the supersport 300cc class. Harry, 18 ...

New Study Finds Motorcycle Riding Decreases Stress, Increases Focus  Cycle World Daily

A neurobiological study commissioned by Harley-Davidson yielded evidence of potential mental and physical benefits of riding a motorcycle. The study found ...

Ultimate Motorcycling Issue #100: A Look Back

For our 100th issue, we took a look back at the other "0" issues along the way, though we will start with Issue Number 1.

How Will Motorcyclists Safely Ride Among Autonomous Automobiles?  Cycle World Daily

BMW is not alone in its quest to learn how the motorcycle can be safely integrated into automated traffic. Organizations such as Europe's Connected Motorcycle ...

William Dunlop (RIP) To Be Inducted Into Irish Motorcycling Hall Of Fame

WILLIAM DUNLOP JOINS HALL OF FAME. William Dunlop will be posthumously inducted into the Irish motorcycling Hall of Fame at the Cornmarket Motorbike ...

Australian Price wins second Dakar motorcycling title  The Sydney Morning Herald

Australian Toby Price has won his second Dakar Rally motorcycle title, while Qatar's Nasser Al-Attiyah took out his third victory in the main car category.

Travis Pastrana: 2018 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year

Due to his influence within the motorcycle industry, the American Motorcyclist Association has chosen Travis Pastrana as its 2018 Motorcyclist of the Year.

Jonathan Rea wins Irish Motorcyclist of the Year award for fourth year in a row  BBC Sport

Four-time World Superbike champion Jonathan Rea has been named Irish Motorcyclist of the Year for a record fourth year. Rea collected the trophy at the ...

Lightning Motorcycles Teases Its Second Model, the Lightning Strike  webBikeWorld

Lightning Motorcycles has a new bike in the works. It will be a bike for the average consumer. The Lightning Strike will be affordable, too.

Editor's Choice: Best Motorcycles I Rode In 2018 (Top 22)

One of the best things about my job is that I get to ride lots of different motorcycles, including a wide array of new ones. Here are my top 22 of 2018.

Ranking The 19 Sweetest Movie Motorcycles Ever  HotCars

To celebrate the motorcycle in all its glory, here are the 19 sickest movie motorcycles.

Lorenzo was 'king of the world' after wins

Jorge Lorenzo says he felt like "the king of the world" after making a breakthrough with Ducati's MotoGP bike during the 2018 season.

Top 10 Most Read Stories of 2018 | Reader's Favorites

You can't set goals without measuring performance, and this is something I do weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly to tweak our SEO and *content* strategies.

Where Did Those Middleweight Twin-Cylinder Motorcycles Come From?  Cycle World Daily

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, automotive-style horizontally split crankcase speeded assembly of Japanese twin-cylinder engines, cutting tooling and ...

Two-Strokes Motorcycles To Be Banned? Here’s What You Need To Know

Online rumours suggest select few states might completely ban two-stroke engines soon.

2019 Dakar Rally Preview (Motorcycles) | Will KTM Achieve 18 Straight?

When the 41st edition of the Dakar Rally - the shortest in history - gets underway in Lima, Peru, all eyes will be on the "Ready to Race" brand, KTM.

2019 Dakar Rally Stage 7 Results, Motorcycles: Brabec Leads Again (Video)

For the second time so far in 2019 Dakar Rally - the shortest on record with only 10 stages - America's Ricky Brabec has claimed the overall lead.

Motorcycling On Maui - Where To Go, How To Ride Safely  Forbes Now

Maui's an instant soul-soother on all levels; add a motorcycle to the mix and the island becomes even more all-senses-go. Here's a guide on helping you get ...

2019 Dakar Rally Stage 3 Results, Motorcycles: Yamaha's Soultrait Wins (Video)

Three stages of the 2019 Dakar Rally are now complete, and 3 different manufacturers have claimed wins, including Yamaha's Xavier de Soultrait (stage 3).

2019 Dakar Rally Stage 6 Results, Motorcycles: Quintanilla Back on Top (Video)

Following Saturday's only rest day, the second half of the 2019 Dakar Rally - the shortest on record at only 10 stages - begin Sunday with stage six.

AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Famer Jerry Branch, RIP

American Motorcyclist Association extends condolences on passing of Jerry Branch. AMA Hall of Famer among innovative motorsports engineers of 20th ...

2019 Dakar Rally Stage 4 Results, Motorcycles: America's Brabec Takes Over (Video)

Honda's Ricky Brabec not only took the stage-four win of 2019 Dakar - his second-ever Dakar Rally win since debuting in 2017 - but also the overall lead.

2019 Dakar Rally Stage 1 Results, Motorcycles: Honda's Barreda On Top (Video)

The 2019 Dakar Rally - the shortest in history at only 10 stages - officially got underway Monday in Lima, Peru, and Honda's Barreda is in the lead.

Getting started in motorcycling: What you need, how much it'll cost, why you should bother  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Want to feel the wind in your hair and see the world without windows? Here's how to get started as a motorcycle rider - and how much it'll cost you.

Explained: Are two-stroke bikes being banned?

An overview of the reports and rumours of a ban on two-stroke motorcycles.

Tips for Riding Motorcycles in Italy | 10 Fast Facts

Everyone wants to ride Italy. It's the timeless essence that gets you more than it's beauty. Here are some tips on riding motorcycles in Italy.

'William was so special - his legacy is tremendous'  BBC Sport

William Dunlop's partner Janine Brolly pays tribute to the late rider who was posthumously inducted into the Irish Motorcycling Hall of Fame at a ceremony in ...

Dirty Dozen: 12 Great 2019 Cruiser Motorcycles Under $10,000

Have $10000? If so, we have assembled 12 cruiser motorcycles that will satisfy your need to ride, while staying within your means.

Roads: William Dunlop to be posthumously inducted to Irish motorcycling Hall of Fame  Motorcycle News

William Dunlop will be posthumously inducted into the Irish motorcycling Hall of Fame at the Cornmarket Motorbike Awards in Belfast next week. The popular ...

How to Really Fix Motorcycling in America  RideApart

Doomsayers claim motorcycling is on the decline in the United States. Allowing lane splitting is one of the things we think can help change that.

Motorcycling: MotoGP changes finish rule for riders who fall off  Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) - MotoGP riders can be classified as race finishers in future even if they and their motorcycles cross the line separately, the sport's governing ...

A Virginia Coal Town Finds a New Natural Resource: Serpentine Roads for Motorcycling  The New York Times

Scenic Route 16, with a twisting 32-mile stretch, is being branded for tourism as the “Back of the Dragon.”

5 Reasons You (Yeah, You) Should Not Ride a Motorcycle  The Drive

Me: A motorcycle writer, photographer, and instructor, whose life goal it is to recruit more people to ride motorcycles. My mission with this article: To convince you ...

10 Year Challenge: Most Popular Two-wheelers Of India

From Royal Enfield to the Honda Activa, here's how some of the most iconic names in the Indian two-wheeler industry have aged over the decade.

Expert Rider Training Is Key To Long-Term Motorcycling Growth  Cycle World Daily

It's a story as old as motorcycles, a rider buys a bike and then crashes or almost crashes. Then they sell it never to return to motorcycling. With expert rider ...

2019 Dakar Rally Results: KTM Claims 18 Straight Wins (Video)

When we previewed the 2019 Dakar Rally, we asked the question – can KTM claim its 18th-straight title? Though the Red Bull KTM Rally Factory Team had ...

Does The Two-Stroke Engine Have A Future In Motorcycling?  Cycle World Daily

While the four-stroke cycle devotes a single piston stroke to each of the four functions required by an engine—intake, compression, power, and exhaust—the ...

Taming motorcycling's hazards  Baltimore Sun

Recent crashes a reminder that motorcycling remains among the most dangerous modes of travel - and that safety must be a rider's top priority.

How to Reply When Told Motorcycling is Dangerous  RideApart

Some folks will suggest you should avoid riding a motorcycle because of the risk. But risk aversion isn't the purpose of life.

On Motorcycles, Motorcyclists, and Motorcycling  RideApart

A gentleman's take on the plight of two-wheeled transport at the turn of the century. Welcome to 1912.

Is the future of motorcycling going to be electric?

The baby boomers who made up the bulk of big bike buyers are aging out of the sport, and younger buyers want cheaper, lighter, more maneuverable bikes.

Ultimate Motorcycling 2018 Holiday Wish List

We're going to throw some suggestions to you about what you might want to ask Santa and his non-denominational helpers to leave under the Yule tree in 2018.

World motorcycling body withdraws Fenati's license until 2019  Reuters

Motorcycling's world governing body has withdrawn the license of Italian Moto2 rider Romano Fenati until the end of the year after he caused a global outcry by ...

Millennials are killing motorcycles, but subscriptions might rev sales  MarketWatch

Young millennials are less likely to buy motorcycles than their elders were at this age, posing a problem for manufacturers like Harley-Davidson.

Motorcycling calendar  Chicago Daily Herald

The Chicago suburbs are home to a number of motorcycle enthusiasts and groups. The Daily Herald has compiled a list of upcoming bike shows, swap meets, ...

Mother, Daughter, and Dirt Bikes: Family Off-Road Riding

Mother, Daughter, and Dirt Bikes: We all know about father-son off-road motorcycle riding, but dirt bike riding is something for moms and daughters, too.

Indiana racer Tyler Vore preparing for the 'Olympics of Motorcycling'  Indianapolis Star

IUPUI student Tyler Vore qualified for the International Six Days Enduro.

the vuz moto tent is the garage on the go for motorcycling campers  Designboom

this vuz moto waterproof motorcycle shelter is a garage on the go for camping motorcyclists, offering shelter for the rider and the ride. the 12 foot long tent pairs a ...

Motorcycling-MV Agusta boss vows to drop Fenati after Moto2 ban  Reuters

LONDON, Sept 10 (Reuters) - The boss of Italian bike maker MV Agusta has vowed to rip up a contract with Romano Fenati after the Moto2 rider caused uproar ...

Zero Partners with Quadro Vehicles: Electric Maxi-Scooter Collaboration

To simplify the transition to the world of four-wheel scooters, Zero Motorcycles has partnered with the Swiss-based Qaudro Vehicles.

Motorcycling enthusiast killed in head-on crash  The Daily Post

BY EMILY MIBACH Daily Post Staff Writer. A Menlo Park man, who was killed when his motorcycle was hit head-on by a pickup truck on a winding stretch of La ...

Motorcycling: Ducati's Dovizioso wins three-way Czech GP thriller  Reuters

Italian Andrea Dovizioso won a Czech Grand Prix thriller in a Ducati one-two on Sunday while Honda's Marc Marquez finished third in his 100th MotoGP race to ...

The cars (and bikes) of the British Royal family  Motoring Research

We reveal the eclectic fleet of the British Royal family in pictures: Range Rovers, Jaguars, Vauxhalls, Mini-Metros and Triumph motorcycles all feature.

2019 Triumph Speed Twin Review (15 Fast Facts)

The all-new 2019 Triumph Speed Twin promises the best of both worlds— the practicality and civility of the legendary Bonneville T120, with all the snarl and ...

First Official Photos Released of Jorge Lorenzo From Valencia MotoGP Test

Repsol Honda released images of Jorge Lorenzo, including the first public photo of him and Marc Marquez as official Repsol Honda teammates.

Seven Books Every Motorcyclist Should Read  RideApart

Seven books every motorcyclist should read. In a world filled with around-the-world-on-a-bike books, these are our favorites.

The dirty side of motorcycling  The Globe and Mail

It starts as far-off vibrations, but like an approaching storm you can feel a dirtbike coming, electrifying the air. With a rooster tail of dust behind him, Ty Fazi lofts ...

MOTORCYCLING: Port Angeles' Jake Anstett champion of hillclimb circuits  Peninsula Daily News

PORT ANGELES — Port Angeles' Jake Anstett has been racing motorcycles most of his life and had a bit of success in motocross and supercross, but nothing ...

We're techy, too! Deere, Tide maker head to CES gadget show  ABC News

The companies founded by blacksmith John Deere and candle-and-soap-making duo Procter & Gamble may not be the hip purveyors of new technology they ...

2019 Anaheim 2 Supercross Preview (13 Fast Facts)

With two races in the book, the Big Four—Tomac, Roczen, Musquin, and Anderson—have yet to win a Main. Will this change at Anaheim 2 Supercross?

Get Up to Speed on Motorcycle Slang with Our Comprehensive Dictionary  The Manual

Welcome to The Manual's unofficial dictionary for motorcycle slang. This glossary was comprised to teach the language of the road created by those who roam ...

Is Honda Working On Power Steering for a New Bike?  webBikeWorld

According to new patent filings Honda is working on a new power steering system for an unclear bike. Which model could need power steering?

Motorcycling - Champion Marquez puts Honda on pole in Australia  Channel NewsAsia

MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez continued his domination of the 2018 season by putting his Honda on pole position for the Australian Grand Prix ...

About Us - Ultimate MotorCycling Magazine

Ultimate MotorCycling magazine is for the enthusiast; it features the latest news, reviews, and coverage of all aspects of the motorcycle lifestyle.

Israel's Ride Vision plans to make motorcycling safer  ISRAEL21c

Technologies such as AI, neural networks, computer vision and threat detection will be incorporated into a low-cost collision-avoidance system.

BMW is teaching this motorcycle to drive itself — so it can help save lives

BMW has created a self-driving motorcycle — one that can start, accelerate, steer and brake to stop, all without a rider.

Racer X Exhaust Podcast: Ryan Sipes' Incredible Year in Motorcycling  Racer X Online

Ryan Sipes took a huge risk. A year ago, he decided to forgo focusing on any one championship to instead try to succeed in five different dirt bike disciplines at ...

What I Wish I Knew When I Started Riding Motorcycles  Jalopnik

New riders have an idea of what motorcycling will be like. They are usually very wrong.

Millennials Kill Again - This Time it's Motorcycles  RideApart

Student loans, putting off life milestones, and a booming used bike market all leading to reduced sales, and it's all millennials fault.

Motorcycling: Marquez wins in Spain and takes MotoGP lead  Reuters

JEREZ, Spain (Reuters) - Marc Marquez won his home Spanish Grand Prix and took the overall MotoGP lead on Sunday after the reigning champion's main ...

Iowa museum is a 'field of dreams' for motorcycling  The Journal

Anamosa, Iowa, does not appear to be a place where you might witness change that might affect an entire industry. But Anamosa, Iowa, is the birthplace of John ...

2018 Zero SR - A Commuter's Dream Bike  RideApart

Zero's new SR thrills riders with its massive torque, but is this new electric motorcycle trying too hard to be sporty? Chris lets us know.

Romano Fenati retires from motorcycling after being sacked for pulling brake of Moto2 rival Stefano Manzi  The Independent

Romano Fenati has responded to his dismissal from both his current Moto2 team and the one he was due to join next year by announcing his immediate ...

MIC Report: Women Motorcycle Ownership Reaches 19% (1 in 5 Owners are Female)

The Motorcycle Industry Council released the results of a new national survey that show that women motorcycle ownership has grown to 19% in the past ...

Motorcycling body to be consulted on testing fatigue after biker killed  Irish Examiner

A coroner will write to the country's top motorcycling body asking it to consider rider fatigue as a possible consideration before competing after a case in which a ...

The Best Motorcycles For New Riders  RideApart

Are you a *fresh* faced newbie looking for your first motorcycle? Look no further! Here's a baker's dozen of fun, smallish, relatively cheap starter bikes.

New Motorcyclists Experience Adventure Motorcycles During RawHyde Adventure Days  The Drive

Venturing into the world of adventure motorcycling can be daunting. RawHyde Adventures makes it approachable and fun with their annual event RawHyde ...

This LA street show is a celebration of women in motorcycling

As the motorcycle industry continues to confront its future, with both declining ridership and sales, it would do well to consider a potential 100 percent market ...

The 5 Best Touring Motorcycles  RideApart

All five of these bikes eat up the miles, but which one is the best for you? We've also added five more affordable touring motorcycle options.

Motorcycling - Marquez takes 50th pole in Thailand  Channel NewsAsia

MotoGP leader Marc Marquez celebrated his 50th pole position at the inaugural Thailand Grand Prix on Saturday, holding off Valentino Rossi late in ...

Festival of Motorcycling: Dan Sayle among six hurt in crashes  BBC News

Dan Sayle was among six racers injured in separate crashes at the Festival of Motorcycling.

Top Stories of 2018, #16: Carrasco makes motorcycling history, Edition: Global

At number 16 in our countdown of the Top 20 Stories of 2018 is Ana Carrasco's historic World Supersport 300 title, which made her the world's first female bike ...

Get Advice, Then Ask For Money: Motorcycling Business Leaders Advise Entrepreneurs At 'Road Pitch'  Vermont Public Radio

"There's not enough funding in Vermont to help businesses get off the ground and grow" is a common refrain among startup and expanding businesses seeking.

Motorcycling: Crutchlow wins in Argentina to lead MotoGP championship  Reuters

Cal Crutchlow won a damp and chaotic Argentine MotoGP race on Sunday to became the first Briton to lead the top category of grand prix motorcycling since the ...

Final preparations for Festival of Motorcycling  Manx Radio

Practice session at Jurby for competitors. Preparations for this year's Festival of Motorcycling enter their final phases tonight, as racers are put through their ...

Motorcycle Sales Patterns Explained | The Sky is Not Falling

In all facets of mankind, the apocalypse is a common theme. When it comes to motorcycling in the United States, rest assured that is not the case.

Annette Carrion, Irvine motorcyclist who died in Ortega Highway crash, remembered by online community  OCRegister

An Irvine motorcyclist who gained some social-media attention for her biking skills and advocating for other women to ride died Saturday, March 31 while ...

Harley-Davidson offers ÂŁ1,000 voucher on Sportster or Softail models plus 9.9% financing • TotalMotorcycle  Total Motorcycle News

Start your custom journey. If you've been inspired by our Battle of the Kings contenders, why not start your own project bike build with a little help from us?

How to Save Motorcycling in 5 Easy Steps  RideApart

A recent report tries to get a sense of how to save motorcycling in the United States. And there's more to it than just appealing to Millennials.

Motorcycling: Vinales wins Aussie MotoGP as multiple world champion Marquez's jinx strikes again  The Straits Times

PHILLIP ISLAND, AUSTRALIA (AFP) - Maverick Vinales powered to a dominant MotoGP victory at the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday (Oct 28), as newly ...