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The Verge

These tree-climbing goats disperse seeds by spitting instead of ...
The Verge
In Morocco, goats help disperse the seeds of local argan trees by spitting them out. This way of disseminating seeds might actually be more common than ...
Tree-Climbing Goats Scatter Seeds By SpittingForbes
Tree-Climbing Goats May Actually Be Helping to Produce This ...Modern Farmer

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Roanoke Times

Business at climbing gym is looking to continue its ascent
Roanoke Times
Rockwerx, a Massachusetts company that designs and builds climbing gyms, created the space, which is tucked inside the River House apartment complex in Wasena that sits on the Roanoke River. The River Rock offers 8,500 square feet for climbing.

CBBC Newsround

Meet the tree-climbing goats of Morocco
CBBC Newsround
Meet the tree-climbing goats of Morocco. 5 hours ago. Find out how the tree-climbing skills of these goats in Morocco help them, the plants and the local people. Goat on a tree Getty Images. This goat is munching away but where do you think it is ...

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Chicago Daily Herald

Naperville teen ascends toward 50th peak -- and climbing record
Chicago Daily Herald
A 5-foot-3-inch, 108-pound Naperville teen will be lugging roughly 80 pounds of climbing and camping gear up the side of an Alaskan mountain for the next three weeks as she seeks to become the youngest girl to ascend the highest peak in all 50 states.

U.S. News & World Report

Nepal Says Bodies of Four Everest Climbers Not From This Year's Climbing Season
U.S. News & World Report
KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Nepal said on Thursday that four bodies found in tents at the highest camp on Mount Everest were not of mountaineers from this year's climbing season. Nepali sherpas said they had seen the bodies in two tents on the South Col, ...
Mount Everest madness: Recent deaths raise concerns of overcrowding and inexperienced climbersFox News
In deadly climbing season at Everest, crowds add to high risksABC News
UPDATE: Nepalese Officials Dispute Reports Of More Everest DeathsNPR
GrindTV -BBC News -New York Post -Himalayan Times
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Midwest Climbing plans rock climbing center in Minneapolis near Surly
Minneapolis Star Tribune
“Midwest Climbing aspires to be a social hub, welcoming to all, where people are supported and encouraged to challenge themselves both mentally and physically in the sport of climbing,” Rebecca Celis, associate vice president for design firm HGA, wrote ...

Rock Climbing Can Be Useful Add-On to Treat Depression
A new study shows that bouldering, a form of rock climbing, can be an effective adjunct to depression treatment. University of Arizona researcher Eva-Maria Stelzer and Dr. Katharina Luttenberger of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg led a team that ...
A special type of rock climbing for three hours a week may treat depressionHindustan Times

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Popular Science

These tree-climbing goats spread seeds by spitting
Popular Science
It certainly was to biologists traveling through Morocco. “We were astonished to see between 10 and 20 goats regularly climbing thorny [26 to 32 ft tall] argan trees,” they wrote in a study published this month in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.
Ptooey! Tree-Climbing Goats Spread Seeds by Spitting - Live ScienceLive Science
Tree-climbing goats spit out and disperse valuable argan seedsNew Scientist
Tree-climbing goats have unusual way to spread seedsNew Atlas
Daily Mail -Sky News
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Rock and Ice Magazine

Climb Safe: Retiring Old Ropes
Rock and Ice Magazine
We've all seen it at the cliffs, and I'm a major offender myself—climbing on old ratty ropes. Yeah, ropes are expensive and that's the main reason people push their ropes to the limit—trying to squeeze every last ounce of use out of them until they ...

The Spokesman-Review (blog)

Royal Columns rock climbing area reopened
The Spokesman-Review (blog)
CLIMBING -- The Royal Columns climbing area on the Oak Creek Wildlife Area in Yakima County has been reopened since being closed in late April after a basalt column collapsed, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced today.

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